Anna Sui Love Perfume

Anna Sui Love Perfume has launched a new perfume called Flight of Fancy.Anna Sui favorite sources of inspiration. The Chinese-American designer tapped into the decade’s “Peace and Love” repertoire to create her new fragrance, Anna Sui Love Perfume. Anna Sui Love Perfume¬† is an inspirational blend of bergamot and passion fruit blended with orange flower and lush florals, softened with vanilla and musk to produce an energetic scent that lifts the mood and imparts a sense of harmony.

Anna Sui colonge (4)
Anna Sui colonge (6)

Anna Sui colonge (5)Anna Sui Love Perfume fragrance female and rich in nuances combines scents of the East and Occident for a sumptuous result with the fruity, floral accents and powdered glass dusting.

The woman Anna Sui is female and romantic, insane and bold, player and inventive, lends to test all that is new and that ad infinitum.

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